Posted by: 12stepgolf | June 17, 2013

Has Capitalism Died?

So today we learn than AOL and Verizon and another myriad of communication companies want to infiltrate our homes with cameras in our cable boxes. They already monitor our viewing habits, well that just isn’t good enough. Selling information seems to be the new product of American business. Just how much advertising money is lost listening to all the psycho babble and tech bots does business loose?
Today we have more Barnum and Bailey products on the market than Tiffany. The old phrase “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door” doesn’t seem to resonate in todays society.
The bombardment of advertisments and commercials is mind dumbing. It is the sale at any cost regardless of the quality of the product. Push Push Push.
The form of what is deemed as capitalism today isn’t good for the human psychi-it is producing brain dead consumers.
When I first started using the internet there was no advertising. I could search and actually get information. I wasn’t being tracked or targeted. Oh, how I miss those days. Today I am tracked and regardless of what product I may search, I am blitzed with spam mails from everyone. These products show up as antimated advertisements on my home page.
These corporations have been using the “power of suggestion” to devolve our society rather than improve it. Data mining my behind.
Not only is my privacy being intruted upon by my government (which is working in concert with these commercial data miners) it is being compromised by the likes of Google and MSN and Amazon and E-Bay.
Would I like to see a consumer revolt? You bet your sweet cookies I would. I am afraid that it is much too late for that. Our youth doesn’t seem to have a sense of integrity in advertising or dignity of purpose.
I am a curious sort, I love the ability to search for answers of which I have questions. I like to know who played what part in a movie from 1928 or how something is made. Just because I am curious doesn’t mean I need that curiousity exploited.
With lack luster economy improvements we have seen over these past few years, I am wondering if anyone is truly doing any real ROI studies on making Google rich with all the advertising money they give it.
I believe a product sells itself. Unfortunately the products being produced lack quality…just mass produce garbage and we can sell them anything….as long as we can place the product in their face those “suckers” will buy anything. P. T Barnum would be proud of these junk producers.

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