Posted by: 12stepgolf | June 24, 2013

Immigration Bill?

Here we go again. They call it a correction to eliminate the illegal immigration problem that the governing class has allowed to get out of control.

The Republicans are so afraid of the Dems getting perminent voting class if they don’t go along with this incredibly unimpressive bill they are sounding like the left.

Unfortunately the Republicans are the chumps again. If they really do believe that any of the illegal immigrants who will benefit from this “amnesty” bill will vote Conservative in the future should remember the past. It was the Republican party that got the Civil Rights bills to become the laws of the land. Had it not been the Republicans sticking to principles of their party which was the party of abolition, there would never have been the Civil Rights Acts from Eisenhower on.

Not one voter in the Black Caucus is willing to give in to the truth of the Republican party’s participation in passing those bills. Repbulicans have never ever gotten the recognition they deserve and it will be the same among the new voting class that came through the door illegally and will benefit from the Republicans participation in passing this so called Immigration Bill.

Burn me once shame on you-burn me twice shame on me….so Republicans are you willing to be shamed another 4th or 5th time? What a shame.

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