Posted by: 12stepgolf | February 11, 2014

Ms Otis Regrets and so does Hillary

Not long ago Hillary R. Clinton told a the reporter that her biggest regret was Benghazi. I found that curious. If everything she told us was true, what is it about Benghazi that she regrets?

Regret is a negative conscious and emotional reaction to personal past acts and behaviors.

The reporter forgot to ask HRC just what was about Benghazi that she regretted. To be sorry that four Americans died on her watch, if she was a diligent Secretary of State, would not foment regret. I feel horrid and sad, but since I wasn’t involved in decision making I have no regrets.

Did she regret not paying any attention to Ambassador Steven’s request to fortify the diplomatic mission there. Is she more sorry she has gotten caught in a web of lies. I vote for the latter.

She is saying the word regret now so she will not longer be confronted with the issue….who care anyway…there are many citizens that care.

It is all about power that HRC will say or do anything to divert attention from truth.

Take heed America HRC is ruthless and cunning and incapable being honest… we most recently are being shown by the “Hillary Papers”. A lier a cheat and a thief…..cunning and don’t be fooled she doesn’t give a lick about you….it is all about her.

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