Count on It

INTRODUCING! A New and Attractive Golf Stroke Counter

Count on It is an attractive and discrete way to keep score, and adds style to your golf glove.

It is becoming the hottest golf accessory on the course.

Each Count on It, golf stroke counter, is handcrafted in Naples, Fl, using the finest crystal glass beads imported from Czechoslovakia.

An original creation and design by 12 Step Golf.

Be the first at your golf course to wear this innovative golf stroke counter.
How does it work?

Stretch the Count on It over the flap of your glove, snuggle it up against the seam and when you take a stroke you slide a bead. At the end of the hole just count the beads, record your score and go off to the next hole. You will not have to think twice about counting your strokes or that penalty.

It is also a great way to keep track of your competitors strokes during a club event.

When your glove wears out, you won’t have to throw the counter out. Just toss out the old glove, and put the Count on It on your new glove.
Add this discrete method of keeping track of strokes to your glove today.

Count on It

Available in both 8 or 10 beads for counting.

Fits all standard glove flaps, except Precept
Count on It comes in a variety of colors.

  • Blues
  • Browns
  • Reds
  • Greens
  • Lavenders

Choose your color and purchase at my web site: 12 Step Golf, Count-on-It.

Introductory offer!!! $7.95 USD (Florida Sales Tax of 6% may apply)

FREE SHIPPING! For a Limited Time Only!

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