Twelve Steps to Reclaim a Nation’s Soul

Many books have been written outlining the problems that face our nation and the world.  This book is not a lesson in history or of current events.

We march, we protest, we vote, or we don’t vote.  Write letters and call senators and congressmen.  We write letters to the editors of our local newspapers.  We join organizations in hopes that our messages will be heard.

Have we gotten any closer to any solutions?

Elected officials of every stripe need a manual to conduct the business of their nation with integrity and honesty.

These political figures that we have sent to our capitols and city councils and school boards succumb to the disease of political office.  They are very sick individuals and need to be healed of the disease that causes them to no longer be the representatives we trusted and voted for.

I would like to admit that I am not an elitist or a journalist or a professional writer. There are more astute writers and scholars who have written numerous books on the problems of our nations and how we have gotten to this domination of government into our lives.  The history of government and philosophy of how governments should be structured are found in more scholarly works.

To these power addicts, everything is relevant to the moment and only the moment.  These elitists and  intellectuals who have come to believe they are the purveyors of truth are the modern-day snake oil salesmen.  These are the Darwinists, who believe in survival of the fittest at one level but will not allow their laws of nature to play out.  They believe in the “Great Society” that Lyndon Johnson had promoted in the 1960’s, but this was only a method to keep people down and out and create a power base for themselves.

The big government, big union and big business were not the vision of our more “perfect union” in the Bill of Rights.  This strange ménage à trois has created the dilemmas, we find ourselves in today.  It has centralized all power in the three areas that does not have the best interest of the individual at the core.  We have seen inferior governance, inferior work ethics and inferior products.  This is not limited to one party or the other, this is what politics has come to regardless of your core party platforms.  We are being duped by all political parties, and it hurts me deeply to admit it.

I have set out a set of principles that may save us from the fate of past societies and cultures.  It is imperative that governing bodies surrender to the truth of their addiction to power, and proceed with sense and a historical perspective on the things that destroyed other nations and cultures and societies.  We are on a self-destructive path, and we need to stop and regain the true and real nature of what a governing body should possess.

This manual should be in the possession of every elected official, along with the Constitution.

The power addict holds the purse strings of any government.  This addiction can be seen in the laws any legislative body will enact to control the citizenry.  Are there any laws that do not cost someone somewhere something, in one shape or form, blatant taxes or hiding in the shadow?  Every time a ruling body passes a law a bill or proposal it is going to cost you something.

The politician must surrender to the truth that they are powerless over the people, and they have made the people’s lives unbearable, and their own lives have become unmanageable.

Limiting the power of these representatives and reducing the possibilities of their corruption and addiction to power is a good and noble endeavor.  The vesting of power in a governing body to dictate to a citizenry to obtain goods and services result in no good in the service.

The power brokers make the rules and distribute whatever and how ever they see fit.  Little morsels to appease, but never to nourish.  Crumbs just to say “they got’em”.  Who gets the bulk of the confiscation of these funds?  Those who have to redistribute the funds.  The bureaucracy gets the majority to feed itself.

A governing body must come to the realization they have an  addiction, and that they are not a true higher power except in their own minds, they are not omnipotent overseers of the citizenry.  What they do is neither good for the world nor the population they govern.

The steps set forth in this book are meant for the political government leaders of the world.  These principles should not be limited to these positions.  These steps will assist the dependents of the world to take off the shackles that  have been enslaving them to systems of government that are dysfunctional.  They have been led to believe they can accomplish nothing without the assistance of government by leaders of government or community activists who have convinced them of their inadequacy.

Twelve Steps to Reclaim a Nation’s Soul

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