Posted by: 12stepgolf | September 12, 2013

Dear Mr. Putin:

It is too bad that Putin doesn’t understand what exceptionalism exists in the USA. We are not exceptional as a race or tribalism. We are not great because of a common ancestry. We are not a “super” race.
The United States is exceptional because of our constitution. Our Founding Fathers were the first to create a nation based on inalienable rights which are endowed upon the citizenry of the human being. It is isn’t reserved to any nationality.
It is because of this constitution that millions of people left their homelands over these past two centuries. The desire to live free from the chains of bondage wrought upon them through treacherous governments.
Mr. Putin needs to read our bill of rights and constitution that we the people hold dear. Unlike the constitutions of certain countries that enumerate rights provided by a “government” which are never enforced and ignored by who ever is in power at any given time…..a dictator is a dictator regardless of their constitution.

We know how exceptional our form of government is and with all the disputes we have as we the people it is the best and only hope for humankind.

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